Revamping of depalletizing cell of wooden wedges

Our client requests the revamping of a depalletizing cell of wooden wedges, with detection by vision […]

Revamping of redundant Quantum PLC

Replacement of the control CPU with a new one with redundancy, increasing the availability of the system. Update of the IO network and migration of the […]

Installation of Caliper system in Atucha I

Installation of the Caliper breaking system, for safety in cargo handling, in Atucha I nuclear power plant. […]

Improvements in Extruder Pump

Improvements in the operation of weatherstripping extruder pump […]

Migrate S5 PLC to S7-1200 PLC

Replacement of an S5 CPU, by an S7-1200 and HMI, to improve the control of the seam welding machine.

Antares installs Crane Vision in Atucha I and II Nuclear Power Plants

Installation of the Crane 3D Vision Lite system for load control, in areas of rafts at Atucha I and Atucha II nuclear power plants […]