Computer Vision


Our services include system requirement assessment, selecting the technology that best meets the needs, as well as the product programming and installation.
To face certain challenges, we provide R&D services to guarantee feasible solutions that require new algorithms and advanced technologies.

The main goal is to be always a step ahead so as to provide solutions to all kinds of automatic inspection problems, inline-quality control, automatic supervision of processes, and so on.



Fault detection
Automatic inspection of components to detect possible defects. The defects may be cosmetic and affect the function of the product:

  • Fissures in glass workpieces
  • Holes or bubbles on the material surface
  • Dirt or bad impression of the product or label
  • Checkups to ensure that the workpieces are not damaged

Detection, Monitoring and Trending respect to tolerances
The vision systems enable feedback metrics- obtained as a result of an inspection- to the associated control system to adapt to trends and keep the contouring conditions.

Detection and monitoring of:

  • Temperatures and “hot spots” through real-time processing of thermal images
  • The velocity of the workpieces
  • Positioning of workpieces in relation to benchmarks
  • External and internal dimensions, item to item
  • Color tone and saturation of workpieces
  • Fill-level of containers


  • Robot guidance. Detection of position and orientation of workpieces, so the robot can grasp them
  • Automatic product classification according to size, shape, color, etc.
  • Detection, count and verification of the content of packaging boxes
  • Traceability through reading of alphanumeric characters, barcodes and QR Codes or DataMatrix