Crane 3D Vision

A solution in applications of cargo transport

Living with suspended loads

CRANE 3D VISION is a set of standard tools for managing the control and supervision of the travelling cranes and their environment. Crane 3D vision allows a safety management focused on prevention and detailed analysis, both in the care of people as well as assets.

The system oversees the exposed load in the tridimensional space, to monitor the process and to generate historical data.

  • Management of critical areas
  • Actions determined on the logic of the crane
  • Management of permissions according to the operator’s experiences
  • Trainings
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Study of critical events
  • Calculations of lifetime/use
  • Prevention of collisions
  • Control of material handling
  • Inspection of the movement of goods

Crane Control

Production Control Module


  • Inspection of materials and reports of movements and integration
  • Selection of supplies

Crane Mant

Maintenance and Management Module


  • Maintenance manager controlled by variables of the crane
  • Routine and preventive maintenance

Crane Picture

Recording of smart pictures

Crane Picture

  • Intelligent vision from the bridge crane or carriage
  • Detection of patterns or loads
  • Speed measurement, etc.

Crane People

Identification of people and objects

Crane People

  • Wireless identification of helmets, zones, vehicles, etc.


Simulation of environments


  • Simulation of physical manipulation in personalized scenarios.
  • Training

Crane Control


Many crane applications require the production handling from various points of origin to place it in other places, which are defined by different routes or storage logistics. In these cases, a crossing of interpretations between the crane operator and the process operator can occur, which usually ends in a mixture of orders, loss of time or client problems.

CRANE CONTROL provides a set of tools to solve this problem, taking advantage of the detection of zones and sectors of the whole place. This software interface is dedicated to the management and constant supervision of the production routes.


Establish alternative routes for certain commands

When the route is changed, notify the operator immediately


Lock the crane and alert the operator if the designated routes are not being followed

Inform any change of direction


Interruption logs

Crane Mant


An efficient maintenance management solves a high percentage of inherent risks in lifting equipments.

CRANE MANT is a module that is able to manage areas and real-time maintenance, and represent Crane 3d Vision reports.


Each equipment is identified in its hierarchical tree and a criticality matrix can be assigned to identify its impact and priority in management.


All the cross-reference reports associated to administration and management.


Maintenance warnings tied to the actual signals of the equipment.

For example:

After 15 days or 1000 hours of lifting with 20 % of rated load, alert for cable maintenance

After certain amount of lifting maneuvers, check the brake

Crane Picture


CRANE PICTURE is a visual platform where different algorithms of vision and interpretation can be set for the exchange with Crane 3D Vision controller or third parties.

A camera is placed on the main bridge or anywhere in the storehouse and it is interconnected with the system. The platform integrates some features such as photographic record and image server via streaming.


It enables the identification of loads and / or storage sectors using graphic patterns, such as 2D data matrix codes.

For example, the batch processes made in tanks, such as the phosphating of large parts transported by cranes. The Identification of both the product and the tanks facilitates the monitoring of the process.


It allows you to record frames at pre-programmed events or manual triggers, such as weight and speed combinations. Each frame is stored on the server.

The acquisition of the pictures can be crossed with the system variables to represent an augmented reality. That is to say, not only a picture is shown but also areas and locations, states, weight, operator, speed, etc.

Crane People


Your crane knows what and who is under it! CRANE PEOPLE allows to:

  • Identify people that are under the transport zone
  • Study critical events
  • Warn of supposed events
  • Know who and what is exposed to the load
  • Manage and authorize entrance according to the area
  • Prevent collisions
  • Help the operator in low visibility zones
  • Take part in actions determined by the logic of the crane
  • Detect people and assets wirelessly

Crane 3D-Sim


CRANE 3D SIM allows physical manipulation by creating virtual scenarios.

A virtual scenario is the digital reproduction of a physical environment where the bridge crane performs. In this simulated 3D environment, zones and drawings can be created, and when collided, they can interact with the equipment or the process.

Thus, the operator training can be performed in a personalized scenario.