We Design, Develop, Install and Commission Industrial Robotic Systems, using the technology that will best suit our clients’ needs and aims.

Our main goal is to provide innovative potential in each implemented solution, expanding constantly our working horizons. Thanks to the interaction with our department of Computer Vision and the ability to incorporate force control techniques to our solutions, we are able to solve a wide variety of problems.

That is why, although our portfolio extends to all industrial robot applications, our differentiating factor is in those applications for which:

  • the solution is not automatically ‘transferred’ and requires a particular analysis
  • regular approaches, based on the high repeatability of robots to perform repetitive tasks, are not suitable



In this type of application, the main task of the robot is the movement of objects, such as the loading and unloading of lathes, or the palletizing of finished products.

Using Vision systems, we offer solutions for any Pick & Place application with disorganized pieces, where the challenge may be the speed of response or the stacking of the product in drawers (bin picking) .

This category includes the fixing or assembly of parts. Using force control functions, it is possible to get a great adaptability to the tolerances of the workpieces to be handled.

Some examples of applications to finish workpieces are the grinding and the deburring, where a force or constant contact pressure between the tool and the workpiece is required.



The robot is used to position the workpiece to be measured in front of the measuring instrument, or vice versa.

Some typical applications: measurement of parameters and / or workpiece tolerances, measurement of physical variables in hostile environments, quality control of products by machine vision systems, etc.


Destructive and non-destructive testing: life-cycle testing, touch screen testing, performance verification of electronic equipments.


Is the application of any product to the piece, either a plastic polymer in the case of seals or joints, or glue, paint, grease, lubricant, etc.