End-of-line robotic cell for BEMIS Arg
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Our client requests the revamping of a depalletizing cell of wooden wedges, with artificial vision detection, which was out of service due to varied problems related to

  • wood quality
  • wedge detection failures
  • robot programming did not solve all the tasks / operating situations
    The tasks of the robot consists on depalletize and feed the wedges to a wood separator forming line for seamless tube packages.
    The robot has a double gripper, and the line has four deposits to which the robot must supply.

Implemented Solution

The required conditions to improve the detection of wedges by artificial vision were analyzed (lighting, repeatability in wood quality, working hours, etc.).

The Customer, for reasons associated with the line operation, decided to discard these changes and move towards a solution with fixed picking positions, which should be fed by the operator.

The scope of the tasks developed by Antares Technologies included:

  • Design of two sliding tables for the placement of wedges
  • Mounting and wiring of a laser sensor in the gripper to detect the wedges on the table
  • Complete re-programming of the robot logic
    • Laser scanning logic
    • Programming of new tasks (discard task, feed to any deposit)
    • Logic for tables enabling
    • Modification of PLC program to allow a dynamic selection of the robot's task, based on the availability of each deposit and the line status
    • System start-up

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