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For a new line of molded plastic lids, the customer requests a robotic cell that allows to automate the stacking and bag of the lids ejected by the cutting machine.

The system must be able to assemble the packages of lids -10 caps ejected per stroke - and deposit them one at a time inside the bagging machine.

The key of the project was the assembly and handling of the packages avoiding the losing of lids or compacting them, due to the low weight of the lids and the vertical arrangement in which they are expelled from the cutting machine.

Implemented Solution

The scope of the activities developed by Antares included Design, Construction, Programming, Provision of materials, Installation and Start-up of the Robotic Cell.

The system consisted of a KUKA robot with the corresponding tool and servo-controlled transport systems, to manipulate the product from the end of line to the bagging machine. For task synchronization and actuators control, an M251 PLC from the Schneider Electric was used.

By means of two cars with servomotors and Lexium32 drives, synchronized with the cutting machine, it was possible to carry out the restraint of the lids at the exit of the cutting machine, preventing loss of caps.

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